Infinite Possibilities

June 19, 2016

infinite possiblities

“You are the artist who never sleeps, continually yet unconsciously rearranging the images on your life’s canvas with brushstrokes of thought.” – Mike Dooley

Manifesting our dreams isn’t about hard work, it’s about belief, expectation and above all knowing the truth about our place in the universe. From a very young age, we are programmed to the beliefs of those who raised us.  Their beliefs that they too have been given.  We live in a world of abundance, yet our belief thinking, say scarcity. Anything that affects our thinking affects our lives.  Nothing else affects our thinking more than our beliefs.

For me as a young girl, after the loss of my parents and siblings, my belief was fear.  Fear of not having enough, fear of not being guided or loved enough and most of all fear of even more loss. Ironically, my life did have more loss.  My thoughts allowed the chapters in my life’s journey to repeat the loss that I repeatedly thought of.  It’s incredible to think that our thoughts, truly do shape our life.  You may question things that have happened in your life, but think back and ask yourself, where you thinking these thoughts that allowed the life you currently live or the circumstances that unfolded.

There is no reason why you can’t start making your own beliefs.  In the last 4 years, I have started to change the way I think, and know that all things are possible, there are no problems but rather solutions to the problems.  Along with having gratitude for all that surrounds me, both now and what life has to offer in my foreseen future, I stay with a knowing that life is meant to be happy, exciting and full of hope.  I know my life is a gift and I shall open and live it as if every day is a surprise, a wonderful surprise.

“Once self-awareness dawns in you, the questions you can ask about yourself, about how you think and feel, have no limit. Self-aware questions are the keys that make consciousness expand, and when that happens, the possibilities are infinite.” – Deepak Chopra

As it turns out, the quantum world actually reveals the true nature of the universe, while what we see on the physical level is a carefully-created illusion. For example, at any point in time, life presents an array of infinite possibilities. When you make a decision as to what to do next, then – only then – does your immediate future become a reality instead of just another possibility. Then, and only then, does the next step in your history get written.

As I get ready to watch my beautiful daughter leave for a journey to Ireland and start  her next chapter in life, I remind her of her own Infinite Possibilities.  I strongly emphasize to her the importance of her thoughts and actions to create the life you wants. I give her the tools to speak words of faith and know hope will follow. The tools to remind herself not to stay in the negative or can’t but rather anything is possible with determination and action. First comes the thought, the dream and then the actions.  Always believing, no matter what others says, having a knowing within yourself and never letting that go.  I know my life will only be filled with Infinite possibilities of faith, hope and love for all that I set out to do and continue on, in my next chapter.

Remember, there are always the ones who will tell you, “you can’t do that, it’s impossible”, know your own strength and beliefs and don’t allow anyone to shatter that.  Stay positive!  Start to become aware of how you think, and more importantly how you speak.  With the challenges all around the World, that we are all facing, remember to not allow those circumstances to veer you off your road to success and happiness.

Wake up with gratitude.  Even before you take your first steps of your new day, which in itself, can be your first thanks.  Be grateful for awakening and having this gift of the day ahead. Staying in gratitude will help you along this path of infinite possibilities.

Great read, Mike Dooley “INFINITE POSSIBILITIES”

mike dooley







“Consciousness is the ground of existence that becomes and then regulates the flow of energy and information in the universe.”

My wish for you all is to have a life you’ve always dreamed of.  To stay on a frequency of knowing Infinite Possibilities.


Much Love Always

Peace of I